Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Meet the Exec

President - Tara Burke 
Tara is in her fourth year majoring in Communication Studies with a Music minor. She joined MGC in 2006, and definitely believes that was one of the best decisions she made in university! Being a part of MGC has given her a great sense of community, has enhanced her entire experience here at Mac, all while doing something she loves--singing gospel music! Tara is excited to take hold of the reigns and see the choir grow and improve in this next year. 

Vice President - Chanique Gardener
Chanique is a fourth year Honours Political Science & Economics IV student. Chanique lives for music and having the opportunity to witness through music is a blessing. She enjoys being able to spend time with wonderful people who share the same passion for Christ and enjoy singing His praises. 

Chaplin - Raelyn Rosa

Raelyn is a 4th year Electrical and Biomedical Engineering student, planning on graduating this fall. She is excited to share the chaplaincy of her third year in the McMaster Gospel Choir. She has enjoyed witnessing the Spirit move throughout the choir and the audiences.

Chaplin - Lisa Graham

Lisa is in her fourth year Honors Political Science and Philosophy. Lisa enjoys many different genres of music but there is something extra special about gospel music, in that it touches the soul. Lisa felt in love with MGC the very first time she heard them sing! To be apart of such a warm and supportive community is what makes the choir the blessing that it is and the blessing that it continues to be, even today. As co-chaplain Lisa hopes together we can foster a community that has love at its very core, because God is love. 

Secretary - Alison Thompson  
Alison is a 3rd year Social Science student majoring in Psychology with a minor in French. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling and staying active. Alison joined the choir during her first year at Mac knowing very little about gospel music and has grown to love it! It has been a great way to build relationships with fellow Christians on campus and have a place to go every Wednesday night to forget about school and focus on God. Alison is faithful that God has great plans for MGC this school year!

Fundraising Co-ordinator - Pamela Emmatty
Pamela is in her fourth year of science and is majoring in Life Science and hopefully receives a minor in Linguistics. In her spare time she paints, reads, critiques movies and stalks facebook profiles. She’s a loud girl and likes to talk a lot. She likes marble cheese, big words, funny haircuts and biker shorts make her laugh. Pamela enjoys singing, dancing, laughing and praising God; which made it an obvious choice to join McMaster Gospel Choir. She’s been involved with MGC since first year, but officially joined last year. She also thinks talking in third person is entertaining.

Treasurer - Chiara Meneguzzi
Chiara is in her fourth year student in Arts & Science and Math. She joined the choir in first year, because they didn't hold auditions and now three years later she's still here and still singing. Chiara is looking forward to another great year of music.

Musical Director - Lachelle Lazarus  
Lachelle has had a great love for music for her whole life. Lachelle plays the Piano, and French Horn, but nothing compare to her passion for singing! Lachelle is in her 4th year of Life Sciences and has been involved with the McMaster Gospel Choir since her 2nd semester of 1st year. Gospel Music is one of her favourite genres of music and she enjoys sharing this music with the fantastic members of MGC! Lachelle prays that God continues to bless this choir and our ministry!   

Social Convenor - Mikayla Allen
Mikayla is a 2nd year Humanities student working on a double major in Communications and Philosophy. Mikayla comes from a very musical family and has been singing in all kinds of choirs and playing piano since before she could remember. Mikayla joined MGC right away first year because she found a group of people who love to sing their hearts out just like her! The MGC is helping her to develop as a believer of God as well and encourage others to do the same.

Promotions/Multimedia Designer - Alex Springer
Alex is a 3rd year Engineering student. Alex joined the choir last year and doesn't regret it one bit. He enjoys coming every Wednesday night to sing and worship with great, loving, and caring people. It's one of the best decisions I have made. He enjoys singing and playing music especially when it's lifiting up praises to our Heavenly Father.


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